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About Me

Hi I am LucyT. Thank you for visiting my site.


Who is LucyT? I am a bubbly, bouncy, no filter, group fitness instructor and Ambassador for #thisgirlcan Essex. I have a passion for inspiring others and a dream to make as many people smile as I can.


Having danced for over 20 years and finding a real love for dance inspired fitness programs, I decided to take it to the next level and qualify as an instructor.


I began with just covering classes for friends in the fitness industry, while juggling a full time job in IT and a baby. The incredible feedback and support from the participants was so rewarding and I fell in love with being an instructor, I fell in love with all things neon and bright and I fell back in love with life.


I am now teaching Clubbercise (Adult/ Family/U13 and U18), Zumba, Booty & the Beat, Dance fitness, Ante & Postantal Classes "Bump2Buggy", Aqua Aerobics, Spin and still eager to give you more!


I lost my mum suddenly while away working my day job and all of my priorities shifted. I wanted to see more of my miracle baby and make my mum proud by doing something meaningful that would help other people.


Then Clubbercise came into my life and I found myself! I still remember the first moment in November 2016 I saw Clubbercise being presented at Fitness Fiesta Windsor and I decided instantly I NEEDED to do this! BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE! (apart from having my son!)


So here I am just little old me dancing, squatting, jumping and whoop whooping in front of as many people as possible as frequently as possible in the brightest neon and glitter I can find!


When I hear feedback from my participants be it at classes, parties, Kids clubs or businesses I feel so humbled learning I have inspired people and made them smile – that’s the dream!


I think I can say my mum would be proud.


Thank you for reading, I hope to come and make you smile soon. LucyT love xxx

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Charlotte AKA LadyC

"Hi, my name is Charlotte, a mum to three kids who is trying to become the best version of me whilst helping others do the same!

This time last year I was a nervous wreck walking into the gym wanting to change myself on my weight loss journey, feeling physically sick and literally shaking. All my life I’ve been a yoyo dieter but have to been too self conscious to go a gyms and lacked confidence to attempt classes. Diets didn’t work and my weight was forever up and down, as I love food which hasn’t changed but I didn’t have the knowledge or mindset to change bad habits.


One day I had one of those moments where you see yourself in a picture and hate what you see, I knew I had to step up and push myself to get where I wanted to be. At this point I just wanted to be able to look in the mirror without feeling disgusted. Since having kids my confidence plummeted, depression found me with its dark cousin anxiety and I hated what I looked like. I made myself go to the gym, like I say I was physically shaking and my anxiety was through the roof ( some of the irrational thoughts your head conjures up is awful) my heart was pounding and if it hadn’t of been for the friendly welcome at the PT desk a panic attack would have followed.

Then I found an amazing instructor, our LucyT, and booked onto every class she did at my local gym. Thanks to her amazing energy and welcoming personality it wasn’t long before I was throwing myself into the front row of her classes. She inspired me every class to change and believe in myself, my confidence grew every time and helped silence my mental health voices! Thanks to Lucy and my ever changing self, I pushed myself to train to teach too.


A year on!!

I’m now a Fitness instructor at the same gym (me a Fitness instructor ) I have qualified  in my Exercsie to Music , completed my amazing Clubbercise training and currently enrolled on my kids fitness course... not only this, I’ve made and continuing to make amazing fitness friends, an ever growing clubber family and I’ve grown so much as a person!!

The constant love and support from these amazing people I’ve met on my journey alongside my now partner in glow Lucy who has inspired me every step and kept me motivated with her love and support, has kept me pushing myself and helped so much (esp the video messages on exam days!!) My mental health has improved, as has my self belief, my confidence and I’m now even more focused on helping other people to better themselves. I am amazed at myself and pretty proud if I’m honest, a year ago I would never have done the things i'm doing now!"

You can catch LadyC at Brightlingsea and Elmstead Clubercise Classes as well as when she covers for all my other classes. 

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