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Decades Reloaded® is a one-of-a-kind dance fitness concept designed specifically to suppor





What Is A Clubbercise Class? 


After Checking in to your first class you will collect your official Clubbercise glowsticks. We will turn the disco lights on and darken the room, ready to get the party started!


Our workouts revolve around getting you energised and pumped, if you are looking for an alternative session to attend, this could be the perfect option for you! Whilst working out to club anthems from the 90s to present, the darkened room will give you confidence while the lights and glowsticks will keep you motivated throughout the session.  The routines are a mix of aerobic and combat inspired routines, they are easy-to-follow and always have high or low impact options to suit all fitness levels. It’s all about fun, not about perfection. Take it to the next level, keep it simple and enjoy the music. 


Who Needs To Do A Clubbercise Class? 


You do not need to be an experienced dancer to take part in this class. The routines we use combine aerobic and combat moves, we make the routines very easy to follow so you can relax and enjoy the workout. You will leave the session feeling energised, upbeat and fit and healthy. Our routines are very easy to follow, you will not be worrying about making the wrong step, you will feel free and energised. 


The Benefits Of A Clubbercise Class


  • You get to workout to your favourite club anthems without a hangover the next day. It's the workout that feels like a nightout!

  • Working out in the dark with disco lights and UV Lights means you can really let go. 

  • Using your glow sticks gives your arms a good workout. 

  • Focus on yourself, exercising is a great way to improve your mental wellbeing. Here at LucyT fitness, you will meet lots of friendly faces here at our sessions. 

  • This is your opportunity to switch off, forget about your busy schedule and enjoy the endorphin buzz!


What Should I Wear? 

No heels come in your comfiest trainers, you are going to be burning lots of calories and working hard so wear something which is comfortable. Sportswear is the desired clothes you should be wearing in this class. 


If you are looking to feel more energised and upbeat, book your class today!

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