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Decades Reloaded® is a one-of-a-kind dance fitness concept designed specifically to suppor



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What are Band Camp Workouts? 


Drum your way to a better day, here at LucyT fitness! This is a full body cardio and strengthening workout, you will become one with the music. The beating of our purposely designed weighted drum sticks will uplift you and keep you motivated throughout the first half of our setlist, then using our resistance bands we will take you through a selection of toning and strengthening tracks targeting all muscle groups before taking a mindful mobilisation and stretch to finish the setlist.

You will be moving through a range of squat, lunge and seated tracks whilst drumming away, really feeling the music, this is a great way to get pumped! The exercises and moves which are included in the setlist are easy to follow, anyone can take part and have fun!

This is a great opportunity for you to try something different, this unusual class is great for anyone who is looking to get fit and feel healthy from the inside out. Not only will your physical health improve, but we can help you improve your mental health. We can guarantee that you will leave the class ready to take on the day!

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The Benefits Of The Poundfit. 


  • This is your opportunity to try something new, in our Poundfit class you will become the music whilst feeling the beat and making the music. 

  • This is a great opportunity for you to tone up and feel fitter than you have ever felt before! Poundfit is a very active and alternative class, find out more...

  • The atmosphere from the sound of your ripsticks and music will help you let go and really get into the routine! We pound the floor and really let off steam!

  • Have you always struggled to find the right exercise to help you tone up and get fit? This could be the perfect opportunity for you if you are looking for an unconventional way to get fit! 

  • Meet new people or come with your friends, here at LucyT fitness we are all here to motivate and encourage each other to keep going. Join our community today! 


Who Needs To Do The Poundfit Workout? 


The Poundfit Workouts are there to help you distract your thoughts whilst having fun and enjoying yourself for an hour each week. Although there are obvious physical benefits to the fitness classes here at LucyT fitness, the classes are based around helping you improve your mental health. Are you looking for somewhere to go to have a break from your busy schedule? We want to encourage you to come with a group of friends, or be prepared to socialise with new people in the group, LucyT fitness is based around community and friendship. The Poundfit classes are easy for you to follow, this is your chance to adapt to a fun and outgoing approach to exercise! The class combines cardio, conditioning and strength training with yoga and pilates inspired moves. The ripsticks have very light weights in them, this equipment is used to condition your muscles and improve coordination, this is a very effective way to workout. Anyone can take part in this class! Any age and any stage! The routines are suited to anyone on different fitness levels. If you are looking for somewhere to destress whilst starting up a new hobby, find out more today and get in touch now! The choreography will allow you to easily follow the routine, designed specifically to tone and destress. For more information, contact us today! 

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