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Clubbercise® classes are taught in a darkened room with disco lights and our trademark LED glow sticks set to a soundtrack of old and new club hits. A fusion of dance, toning and combat moves with high/low impact options for all fitness levels, one class burns around 600 calories.

Decades Reloadad

Relive the songs of the past with this fun, upbeat and energetic class! 

With songs from across the 80s, 90s, 00's & more.

it would be a real "tragedy" if you didnt "take that" step and "Spice up your life". 

Take a "step back in time" and "have the time of your life".



Take the "work" out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you'll see why Zumba® Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise. Super effective? Check. Super fun? Check and check.


Music Lead, High Intensity Interval training that targets the whole body. while impoving fitness and burning calories at the same time.

Whether you want to tone, sculpt or just feel more confident this is the class for you! 

Classes back soon!


Drum your way to a better day!

Instead of listening to music, you become the music in this exhilarating

full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training
with yoga and pilates-inspired movements. Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted
drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, POUND transforms
drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out.

Designed for all fitness levels, POUND® provides the perfect atmosphere for
letting loose, getting energized, toning up and rockin’ out! 


Pound 6.45pm * Queen Boudica Primary School - Mile End



Decades Reloaded 8pm * The Stanway School - Stanway


Clubbercise 8pm * Elmstead Primary School - Elmstead Market ( Charlotte)


Clubbercise 7pm * Brinkley Grove Primary - Highwoods

Pound 8pm * Brinkley Grove Primary - Highwoods 


Available for Parties

Adult Parties

Kids Parties - Glow Party, Zumbini Party


Available for Parties

Adult Parties

Kids Parties - Glow Party, Zumbini Party


Available for Parties

Adult Parties

Kids Parties - Glow Party, Zumbini Party


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