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Pilates Circuit


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What To Expect From The Pilates Circuit Classes. 


The Pilates Classes here at LucyT fitness are a great solution for those of you looking for a low-impact workout to help keep you active and support overall wellness. This method of exercise is a highly effective way to build up your muscular strength, mobility and flexibility through low-impact movements.
Regular Pilates classes are great for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Pilates is known to offer positive effects on conditions such as arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, hypermobility and more. Establishing a strong core is proven to improve performance and the ability to carry out every day activities and protect your spine. Increased mobility and flexibility can make moving feel easier. While concentration and breathing techniques will offer mindful benefits throughout the class. If you are looking to work on your mental health and physical wellbeing, Pilates has all basis covered.

Pilates Circuit - We use a combination of body weight and small equipment exercises in a circuit format moving between stations in timed intervals.

Each station targets a different Pilates key principle. Strength, mobility, balance, posture, concentration and precision.

The online option will allow you to take part in the session from the comfort of your own home, a great opportunity for those of you with a busy schedule. Classes face to face offer that community group aspect with an instructor on hand to help guide you, teach you the fundamentals, assist with technique and motivate you. These classes are built on the foundations to improve day to day life and activities, improve posture and alignment, working on combatting the effects of ageing and supporting regular movement for various medical conditions. 

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The Benefits Of The Pilates Classes.


  • The Pilates Classes will help you to focus on improving your flexibility and muscular strength. 

  • An alternative class to the typical high-intensity workout, your Pilates class will have your muscles working just as hard! 

  • Great for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Low impact and holistic classes are proven to offer positive effects on conditions such as arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, hypermobility, hEDs and more. "MOTION IS LOTION"

  • Maintain Bone and muscle mass, slowing down the effects of ageing

  • Are you someone who struggles to find time to workout? On demand Pilates classes can fit around your busy schedule. 

  • You will feel energised and ready to take on the day ahead of you once you have taken part in one of our Pilates Circuit classes. 

  • Work on your mental health, you will leave feeling uplifted, mindful and content. 

  • Build up your muscular strength and core, the Pilates class is the perfect low-intensity class for you! 

  • This is your opportunity to have some self care. 


Who Needs To Take Part In The Pilates Classes? 


Pilates is a great opportunity for you to really work on your mind and body, focusing on strengthening your core and your overall posture. As well as improving your mental health. If you are somebody who is looking to improve your flexibility, your fitness levels and your overall posture, the Pilates classes will be the best solution for you!

Some Pilates experience is a great starting block for Pilates Circuits however not essential for joining these classes as the instructor will be on hand to support you throughout.

If you would  like to take part in a beginners Pilates course first to learns some of the core movements and techniques you can join one on demand or in person.

If this is something which you are interested in, Book your class today to find out more!

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