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What Is C*H*E*E*R UP


Cardio helps encourage endorphin release and this is exactly what we offer in our pom pom inspired aerobics class. This is a low impact layered aerobic routine where we use add on choreography. We add on new moves across a handful of tracks before adding them together to create one final routine for the "Big performance track"

We move on to a small Legs Bums and Tums element for the last 15 minute of class, so that you can add some toning based exercises into your workout and have a full anaerobic exercise experience.

This class is low impact, yet packed full of energy and cheer! Our pom poms add an extra feeling of fun and expression. With the comfort of having something in your hands that many people enjoy whether that is on the dance floor in a class or at a party (anyone else dance drink in hand?)

Cheerleaders in Red

The Benefits Of C*H*E*E*R UP


  • C*H*E*E*R UP has been designed for to encourage Endorphin release which is one of the hormones responsible for lifting your mood.

  • An alternative class to your high-impact classes, but not cutting back on the energy! With absolutely no jumping involved!

  • An opportunity for you to meet new people whilst trying out a new class

  • A great way to combine cardio and strength training in one 45 minute session.

  • Cardiovascular exercise is fantastic for not only your mental health but physical health too. Improve circulation, heart health and reduce chances of illness.

  • Strength training is a great way to prevent injuries and delay typical aging effects such as bone and muscle degeneration.

  • Old school aerobics fans this is a modern twist using pom poms to add new layers to an old favourite!

  • You'll feel a real sense of achievement having learnt a routine and each week as you strengthen your core.


Who Should Take Part In C*H*E*E*R UP Class? 


If you are looking for a fun motivational class to music that will empower you and lift your mood, without all the jumping then this is the class for you!


This class really is for everyone!

A great class for beginners or returning to exercise. A stepping stone back to dance based classes following injury or child birth. Take it at your own pace rest assured there are no jumping jacks in sight!


If this is something which you are interested in, contact us today and book your class now!

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