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Decades Reloaded®




What Is A Decades Reloaded Class? 


This exercise class is the best way to get you feeling positive and energised whilst listening to your favourite tunes from the past. This is your participants opportunity to unwind and have an hour of fun to themselves, focusing on improving their mindset and mental health. This class is specifically designed to lift your participant's up and keep them motivated and on track. The playlist is full of nostalgic songs throwing your classes back to the best moments of the past, they have been specifically chosen to send out a positive message to everyone taking the class. These positive vibes will leave your participants feeling uplifted and thinking back on the great memories associated with the songs. Not only is this a great opportunity for you and your participants to meet new people whilst trying out a new hobby, but you and your Decades Diamonds can enjoy the blast from the past in your decades reloaded class.


The soft lighting we use in the Decades Reloaded class will instantly have a great effect on your participant's mood and make them feel relaxed. Bright and Fun colours are used throughout the class to leave everyone feeling happy and uplifted. Yellow will leave your participant's feeling fresh, happy, energised and free, this is the purpose behind the class. Orange reflects joy and creativity as well as determination and success! Fantastic instructor attributes! These bright colours will have a really warm and positive effect on you and your classes, reflecting well throughout the class! You can encourage your members to wear these uplifting colours to lift their moods, however any sportswear is perfect!


Who Needs To Sign Up To The Decades Reloaded Class? 


Are you looking for a fun way to get your participant's mentally and physically fit, tone up and feel energised? The Decades Reloaded Class is a great way for you and your members to get together, dance to your favourite hits from the past, giving them the opportunity to switch off from busy schedule's, relax and have fun! I cannot stress that you do not need to have a background in dance to be a Decades Reloaded instructor or to take part in our decades reloaded class. The choreography has been put in place to help your classes to take a brain break, kick back and have fun! The moves are easy to follow and freestyle moves are incorporated into the routines, encouraging a "brain break". You will create a great sense of community whilst meeting new people, here at Decades Reloaded we are all here to support and motivate each other. If this is something you are interested in, get in touch today and book in one of our classes or instructor workshops today! 


The Benefits Of A Decades Reloaded Class


  • The playlist are top hits from the past, bringing back the nostalgia and the happy times! A great way for you and your classes to unwind after a stressful day! 

  • Great way to socialise and meet new people whilst enjoying the workout. 

  • You and your participants will feel energised and pumped after your Decades Reloaded class. 

  • Fun and easy dance moves, the choreography is designed to help your class switch off and relax, whilst having fun! 

  • Bright colours are projected throughout the class to reflect positive vibes! 


What Do Your Classes Need To Wear? 


Sportswear is the best option for your participants to wear in your Decades Reloaded Class, encourage them to wear the comfiest trainers as they will be dancing throughout the session. Teach a life changing class today! 

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