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Not just for the double jointed!

I'll get to a point, valid for everyone, I promise! Today I read a really informative page for anyone who like myself suffers from a hypermobile spectrum disorder. (Posted at the end) I'll also go on to explain more information, not just important to someone who is hypermobile, so bear with me!

Being pre and postnatal trained helped me to understand more about how pregnancy would affect my already "flexible" joints and I was fully prepared for pain in my joints. This was definitely worse second time round, relaxin played a much bigger role and as most of you know it triggered severe pelvic girdle pain. This article has highlighted some other information I think is worth sharing as I had no idea when these happened to me that my midwifery team should have been prepared for them as a result of the condition! • Faster active labour- I knew after oscar (who appeared early and way too quickly for a first born) that molly would most likely "fly out" too. I had a longer labour 0-4cm with molly so assumed she was just slower but again once I was at 4cm in active labour she raced her way into the world faster than Lewis Hamilton can complete a lap at Monaco. •Varocities & Varacoise veins - wow aren't these just lovely symptoms of pregnancy! Again only in my second pregnancy (I'll get to why) all because even on the inside my body is more flexible than it should be! Be that joints, skin, digestive system, organs or veins. •Excessive post partum bleeding & Heamorage - like seriously it is like a scene from SAW only worst! Either the Texas chainsaw massacre delivers my babies or something just won't plug that bleed! But that's ok it only last a few days.......then here comes the heamorage!!! I heamoraged with both, twice with oscar and in public with Molly, while at a soft play trying to make oscar feel less neglected! So having wondered why no one else I know has this issue, I now understand its because of my hypermobility! •holding my baby hurts especially during feeding - so I worked out on my own to breastfeed I'd need to use a position comfortable for me, not what the professionals taught with the doll and knitted tit! My wrists and elbows just can't take the weight unsupported for the duration of a feed (molly loves to suck forever and a day too!)

So why did I experience more pain and unsightly bits during pregnancy number 2!? I'm fit and healthy, had an active pregnancy and did all the right things (most of the time) It's simple, I wasn't strong! Before I had oscar I trained hard to strengthen my joints, especially my core. I wanted to dance again and I desperately wanted a baby. For both I knew I needed more muscle to protect my flimsy joints. It took two years and an ectopic before we had ozzy. Two years, two/three times a day in the gym. Mixing, cardio, resistance and body weight exercises. "But you are an instructor, much more active and fitter now" I hear you say.... True, by far fitter and healthier. I haven't been strong though. I spend all my "me time" instructing classes or preparing them. All my classes prior to my second pregnancy consisted of cardio. Nothing to keep me strong. I got weaker the more classes I took on, got injured more frequently as a result. My joints had no protection anymore. So what's the point.....its one thing to be cardivascularly fit, but if you don't keep on top of your muscles and keep them strong too, theres nothing to protect your powerful, incredibly complex machine that is your skeleton. All those ligaments, tendons, organs, they need protection. So next time it goes through a major change, illness or new routine. It is a well oiled machine, ready for anything life throws at it... If that's not enough motivation, MUSCLE BURNS MORE THAN FAT too 😘 

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