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Why can't we celebrate everyBODY and judge less?

I cannot believe I'm posting this and I'm so mad that it feels like that!

Real talk!!! For weeks now I've been dragging my self esteem down over having to wear a bikini in public next week!

The last Time I went to sunnier climates I'd only had one baby. I was in my best shape ever despite being 4 weeks pregnant and already sick!

My body "bounced back" after Molly the second time but my pregnancy again aggrevated my hypermobiility pain even more and since then I've developed moderate degeneration in my lower back and have had to drastically reduce my training. In and out of class to keep moving and mumming.

My body has changed again and I loathe it. It doesn't feel strong, it jiggles more and the stretch marks and scars continue to spread all over. My goals have always been to feel mentally and physically strong!

I'm mad because people will criticise me and its other peoples stupid ideologies of what my body should look like that are the problem, not my body!

Christ it's made my babies, takes care of them and my family, bounces around for several hours a week helping other people feel mentally better and hurts like hell all at the same time. Add in some #endometriosis flare ups twice a month too and its a frigging delight right!

Specialists don't believe how much pain I'm in because they judge my appearance, age and my job!

I'm sat ruining my holiday before I even go stressing about my wobbly bits and scars and I know I KNOW I'M AN IDIOT!

My BPD makes me paranoid and think everyone is always looking at me and talking negatively about me behind my back (so annoying) I wish I could silence it!

I don't even want to share my bikini body here but why should I feel so ashamed and hide it!? Maybe I'll help one other person today speak out about their own self sabotage and help them feel better.

Before you pass comment on yet another body Just remember EVERYONE HAS THEIR INSECURITIES AND HANG UPS regardless of shape, size, age etc.

Why can't we celebrate everyBODY and judge less?


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