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Just when you think you are nailing it, it's all going so well. You've got this super mum. Today was a success


Oh wait then comes the night

The endless hours of a screaming newborn and the relentless tantrum of the jealous elder sibling.

We share all the good bits, parading it in happy photos and social media posts then we hide in the toilet from the bad. Crying into the puked on muslin listening to the chaos the other side of that locked and bolted bathroom haven door. The "mum cave".

Yes you read it right. Men have this magical man cave of bliss, inner thought and personal healing to regroup, strategise and come out ready to fight another day. Days, even weeks at a time tucked away in a mental cave. Well mum's we have our fragrant, not so peaceful but behind enemy lines mum cave, where we shed a quick tear, take that pee you've been holding for over 8 hours, then head out three minutes later and take on the family.

So here i am in my mum cave, probably already overunning my minute window. Having a moment of I can't do this parenting thing and listening to my 2.5 week old baby cry her eyes out (despite endless nappies and feeds) while her three year old brother throws the millionth melt down of the day and soaks my bathroom in water because "I didn't want bubble bath!"

How do all these mum's do it?

In reality they don't! All we are doing is sharing a perfect world to a bunch of people who then in turn feel they need to live up to the false ideology. The perfect mum, the perfect family.

Well here is to all my mummies (and daddies) who don't have it all together, who hide in bathrooms and consider an hour's sleep tonight a triumph!

If you get through the day and your children go to bed knowing they are loved, happy (despite the five minute cartoon warning before bed), healthy and the entire world didn't implode then that my friends is what I call mummode! You are killing it day in day out, doing the hardest job in the world and only asking for love in return. GO ON MUMS AND DADS YOU'VE GOT THIS!

LucyT x


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