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This Girl Can Essex

As an Essex ambassador for #thisgirlcan i take this role with great pride. To be able to use the platform of my classes to motivate and inspire other women and girls alike to get active, be it fitness classes, sports, walking, running or other active hobbies.

I have always been that girl who was curvier than all of her “beautiful and slim” friends. The plumper one in the back of the class with the big bum and thighs. Hiding on the equipment in the corner of the gym so no one could see me to judge me. The dancer that was shorter than the rest of the competition, the ugly duckling in the team. I’ve never had much of a competitive nature, or the confidence to even think I could be one of the winners.

These days I stand at the front of the class and my participants tell me they enjoy my choreography, my bubbly personality and my energy and they tell me how they aspire to “look as good as I do”. Now I don’t for one minute think I have a figure to aspire to but a level of fitness and health however that I am so happy to inspire others to work towards. My self confidence has drastically improved thanks to my fitness life and being an instructor is the icing on the cake!

If I can share just an ounce of the happiness I feel at classes with other people then it has been a great class.

I would like to remind everyone that you don’t need to be that girl on social media who has been photo shopped, shredded for months to be in competition ready shape or that bikini ready lady in the magazines. You don’t need to be the world’s idea of perfection to be happy healthy and confident you just need to be you!!! You only ever need to be the best version of you that you can be.

If I can overcome my lack of self worth, battle mental health issues, lose my mum unexpectedly, juggle a full time job, teaching regular fitness classes and running around after a toddler then you can too.

These are never my excuses not to be active they are my reasons

x LucyT love x


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